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Hida Takayama Takayama Park City Hotel Only 3 minute walk to the morning market and old private houses
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Morning Market     Morning Market (Miyakawa/Jinya) 3 minutes walk from our hotel
  Have been developed from Edo era as the market for rice, mulberry, flowers and so on. Fresh veges, fruits, flowers and all sorts of seasonal things are lined up. Friendly interaction with seller ladies in Japanese Mompe style is also fun.
Miyakawa market is 500m long along Miyakawa river in the middle of Takayama town.
Jinya market is in front of the Takayama Jinya.

Old Town     Old Private Houses  3 minutes walk from our hotel
  Merchant town area in the castle town. The houses are tidily lined next to each other beautifully.
Ichinomachi, Ninomachi, Sannnomachi form a central merchant area named Sanmachi.
Water under the eaves, "Sake bayashi" with cider leaf ball hung as a trademark of Sake makers, Big entrance design and Noren curtain of traditional shops....this is a Nationally chosen important traditional buildings preserved area.

Takayama Jinya     Takayama Jinya 3 minutes walk from our hotel
  One of the sub residences of Kanamori, the lord of Takayama castle.After his transfer to Yamagata, this was controlled directly by Tokugawa Bakufu and used as a city hall for the Hida government.
The entrance has a traditional Blue Sea Wave to represent the level of governers. In the area there are various spots including city hall, large hall, house for governers, Shirasu, rice storage and so on.

Yatai Kaikan     Yatai Kaikan 15 minutes from our hotel
  11 Yatais to be used in the Takayama Festival in Autumn are exhibited ---- 4 each at a time in four month cycle.
Reproducing the festival, guide by Miko may be available.

Hida no Sato     Hida no Sato 10 minutes drive from our hotel
  Historical Hida village life is reproduced here by displaying Hida no Sato where the real old folk houses are relocated to reproduce old In Minzoku mura, you can experience the classic local industry.
Romantic Meiji style buildings, Watermill, Gassho style houses---you may be able to imagine the lives in old days.
Various plans throughout the year such as light up in Summer.

Matsuri no Mori     Matsuri no Mori 15 minutes drive from our hotel
ThisTakayama Festival museum is the first underground building in Japan. Here you can see the newly made Festival Yatai and the world biggest Drum.
Next to the building is "Shizennno Mori", Nature forest, where you can see rare spieces especially butteflies and fossils. Do not miss the Gifu butterfly.。

1.5 hour drive
Norikura Skyline
50 min. drive
Shin-hodaka Ropeway
75 min. drive

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